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 A stage and a sprite pack
23 August 2015 

Here is a stage that I wanted to since ages: Guilty Gear X - Zepp. Theres is also a sprite pack for the stages of The King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match.

 Electrocaid's Arenaz hosted
26 February 2015 

I am pleased to announce the opening of Electrocaid's arenaZ, hosting Electrocaid's works. This guy is completely crazy, go check by yourself ;)

 Unexpected stage release
15 April 2012 

I don't even remember when I did my last stage release but here it is: Zangief's stage from Street Fighter - The Movie (Cosnole).

 Resources and links sections update
07 September 2011 

Old resources and galleries for portrait packs added, some links removed and others added.

 Started more than 6 years ago
22 March 2011 

Today, I'm finally releasing Andy Bogard, my very first character. This version is converted from The King of Fighters serie, outfit is taken from '96-'97.

 Merry Christmas
25 December 2010 

Two characters released for unknown reasons: Chris and Robert from the King of Fighters.

 Can you believe it?
14 November 2010 

First character release: Clark Steel from the King of Fighters, classic outfit, made in collaboration with OrochiKOF97.

 I have been looking for them so long!
02 November 2010 

As I could not manage to find the voice sets rips of the King of Fighters XII, I decided to ask help to rip them by myself.Thanks to Insanius and Hoshi, these sounds are now available in the resources section.

 Because he is lazier than me...
21 October 2010 

I'm hosting some exclusive edited stages that Ironmugen made for his full game named Ultimate Garou, available here.

 Unexpected end of nothingness!
30 September 2010 

KOF02UM portrait pack is now available from the resources section... Disappointed? :P

 KOF94 HR screenpack patch by Therio.
15 November 2009 

Therio took the time to update my fugly HR select screen. We decided to upload the result to share it with you. The patch and original files are both available in the screenpack section of Mugen Light.

 Another new section
02 September 2009 

As I said in a previous news 'Things have changed'. This is why I'm opening a new section named Mugen Light in order to make my stages, screenpacks and game introductions open sources. Other creations might follow...

 New section
22 April 2009 

I'm glad to open a brand new section dedicated to open source resources.
The first entry is a NeoGeo Battle Coliseum spark pack. Enjoy... or not.

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