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Title: Hello again with Anthimus
Post by: Anthimus on August 07, 2016, 06:12:18 PM
Hello!, you may delete this topic if you want to, but i wanted to send you a PM back and couldn't get through the verification questions, i did answer them correctly? somehow it won't go, weard, so therefore sorry i post it here  :-X

Hello again with Anthimus,

First of all thx for the reply!, Pffffff i'v just spend a few hours  :-X  going through your (Perfect Select) Good way to spend the sunday afternoon hehe  ::) i must say i'm very impressed how you'v set all the data in structure
it must been a hell of a job, or you have an army strong of good looking receptionists   :P

All in all, it's been a great help, i do have some requests  :-[ but when i read this :


I've decided to reward only a few members that deserve it...

Two solutions:
- be a friend of mine or a close collaborator
- be a generous donator
- be lucky?

Help me and I'll help you.

I got a little scared hehe  i would love to help you out somehow i just don't know with what, i do have a few orochi's / mizuchi's which i didn't read in your  orochi/mizuchi edits list, i'll dig a little deeper, and if i also don't see them in your Perfect Select, i will announce them to you, if thats ok with you offcourse, and if i ever find something new on KOF- territory i will be glad to contribute a little, just tell me how? allright.

Well... i won't be giving you names as in a request allready,  first ill await your reply, i'd like to stay a gentleman cough* cough*  :o i just use mugen for myself and friends, and would never put any char up for download, this is personal private enjoy, like it has to be.

Have a good sunday, and p.s. kan je ook NL praten, of ben je frans?  ;)


Title: Re: Hello again with Anthimus
Post by: electrocaid on August 07, 2016, 09:46:33 PM
- It's sure that you have a problem with captchas because i never got your reply  ;D
- I've spent more than 10 years for writing it: it's normal...
- How to help me (by PM, it's better, lol, or directly to
1. What I know that I need is here:
2. If you  have things that don't appear in perfect select & hereabove, i'm interested in too for sure...
- Yes, i'm currently having a break (indeed, no, i'm working hard on next perfect select...)
- Sorry but I don't speak dutch (mais bien franšais)...
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