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Some of us might remember that I was against the open source philosophy and that I often wanted to keep my works privates because of warehouses or leaked stuffs. All this is behind me. Not that I support these activities but I would be glad if my time and efforts could please players or help/inspire Mugen creators.

That's why I gathered almost every stages, game introductions and screenpacks I did for Mugen for more than 5 years. Only a very few part of my works is missing because of hard disk crashes.

The purpose of this collection is not to beat someone else record or an exhibition, this is just an exhaustive download area of what I have done until now.

I know that tons of stuff are perfectible in these conversions, some of them are even depracated but I wanted to make everything open source to the public. By the way, I did not take the time to modify my readmes, they still state that you need my permission and blah blah blah. This clause is of course not valid anymore.

I'm not leaving but this is a good opportunity to thank the persons that supported, helped and inspired me since I started in this community.

Unless download or reference error, feedback is not desired, these creations are not WIP anymore.

I hope you'll like these public releases.

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